4 Common Skin Changes Associated With Age

Skin Changes Associated With Age

We all know that our skin changes with age. Generally, the signs begin to manifest at the age of 30.  From thirty our skin gradually becomes thinner, loses elasticity and its natural oils. Therefore, the texture and appearance change, and it also becomes more fragile and sensitive to internal and external factors. 

Here are 4 Common Skin Changes Associated with Age


This change is caused by the slowing down of melanin production. Areas like the face, hands, feet, neck and chest become paler than they used to be and develop dark spots. The dark spots can become lighter over time, but this will depend on your ethnicity and what types of sunblock or tanning lotion you use.


As you age, the outer layer of the epidermis (the skin) called the Stratum Corneum thins.  The reduction in collagen production and the loss of elasticity means the skin does not bounce back quickly. Fine lines, wrinkling and sagging, become more prominent.

Dry/Rough/Itchy Skin 

One of the most common skin changes with age is thinning. Due to this, rough, dry or itchy skin (xerosis cutis) may happen more frequently. Thinning skin is also more susceptible to dehydration. Dry skin becomes more noticeable and prone to flaking as you near your 40s.

Dull Skin Tone

Skin renewal decreases about 7% every ten years. Therefore, as you age, dead skin cells build up faster and cause the skin to have a less natural glow and look dull and lifeless.

Combat The Skin Changes Associated With Age With The Right Treatments

As the body’s largest organ, it is essential to pay close attention to the state of your skin. These changes are inevitable, but you can delay and reverse the skin changes associated with age with the proper treatment.

CST offers a variety of facial aesthetics and cosmetic injectable treatments to suit your skin needs. Some of the most sought after treatments are Anti Wrinkle (prevents wrinkles and makes skin firmer), Dermal Filler (restores volume in the skin) and Medical Grade Peels (accelerates blood circulation to speed up skin renewal). 

Depending on your skin condition and personal goals, our medical professionals will recommend a tailored treatment to achieve the best results possible to avoid premature aging or at least delay it for years. 

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