5 Body Parts That Show Signs Of Aging And Treatments To Get Youthful Skin Back

Body Parts That Show Signs Of Aging

As the years tick over, there are body parts that show signs of aging; it’s a natural process. The body produces less collagen, resulting in the skin’s loss of elasticity and firmness. However, a variety of factors such as exposure to harmful elements (e.g. sun’s UV rays, products with strong chemicals) and lifestyle choices (e.g. unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, lack of skincare routine) can contribute to the signs showing prematurely.

With the advancement in technology, we now have the option to delay the emergence of the usual signs of aging or even reverse them. Knowing which parts of the body reveal your age and having the available treatments can help anyone age gracefully, so to speak.

5 Body Parts That Show Signs Of Aging And How They Can Be Treated


Being the first part of the body that people look at, it’s natural to be conscious about how your face appears. Usual signs of aging on the face include hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines. These signs may show anywhere on the face but mostly around the eye area. 


We use our hands to do most things every day, making them exposed to elements that can hasten physical changes, especially on top of the hands. Wrinkling, more visible veins, dryness and dark spots are most common.


Not many people are aware that even the lips give away one’s age. The lips are very delicate, so habits that purse them, like smoking or drinking using straws or water bottles, can help develop premature lip lines. Other usual signs of aging on the lips are thinning, cracks, loss of definition and discolouration.


Before ‘silver fox’ became a pop culture term for a man with grey or greying hair who is considered attractive, grey hair was just another obvious sign of aging. However, other than this colour change, hair strands also become thinner, dry and brittle as a person ages.

Neck and Chest

People often focus on facial skincare and inadvertently neglect the neck and chest. Unfortunately, the skin is thinner on these areas than that of the face which makes aging signs manifest much earlier. Other indications of aging are horizontal neck lines and sagging, loose skin, commonly known as ‘turkey neck’. On the chest, dark spots, fine lines, discolouration and red, dilated veins may appear.

Treatments For Body Parts That Show Signs Of Aging

Having a daily skincare routine and using products that work well for you can help delay aging signs from showing up. Lifestyle choices and developing habits can also help. For instance, start drinking more water, have a balanced diet, apply sunscreen every day and quit harmful vices such as smoking or consuming too much alcohol.

Cosmetic Skin Therapies (CST) also has a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic injectables that can address all of these concerns. The medical professionals from any CST clinic near you will conduct an in-depth consultation. They will determine what your skin requires, and depending on your goals, will recommend the best treatment for you. 

Our focus is always on creating tailored solutions that will make you feel more confident and comfortable about yourself. 

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