5 Must Ask Questions Before Having Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

Cosmetic injectable treatments

Cosmetic injectable treatments have become more of a popular choice to address a variety of skin concerns. They are a quicker treatment option, generally safer and more affordable than surgical procedures. Before getting cosmetic injections, speak with a medical professional to be informed of what to expect.

What to Ask Your Medical Professional Before Getting Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

What facial parts can be enhanced, corrected or treated?

In all probability, you’re already looking for treatment options because you have an existing concern. Whether it’s having acne breakouts, more noticeable wrinkles or sagging skin, you know what you want to solve. However, not all skin problems NEED and CAN be corrected, at least not with cosmetic injectable treatments. Your medical professional can advise you on this.

What does the treatment involve — the post and pre-treatment advice, the side effects, required downtime or recovery period (if there’s any)?

Once your medical professional provides the recommended procedure, ask what’s involved and how it will be administered. Although they will most certainly explain this part, you should have a list of questions ready so as not to miss out on information that you find necessary.

It’s only natural and understandable to ask about the side effects. Does it hurt?” Will it make me nauseous? Will I develop allergies? 

Ask for pre and post-treatment advice and whether there’s a required downtime or recovery period. This allows you to schedule the treatment at your most convenient time.

What is your emergency protocols for cosmetic injectable treatments?

Although cosmetic injectable treatments are generally safe, isolated emergency cases can still happen. Ask about their emergency protocols while the treatment is being administered and after. Obtain phone numbers that you need to call, should you have any concerns or side effects following the treatment.

How much does the treatment cost, and what are my payment options?

Ask for the total treatment cost, the breakdown, other fees (if any) and what exactly the amount covers. Does it include post-check-up fees? Do I get skin products with it? 

CST clinics provide different payment options and arrangements that vary from each location. Get in touch with them directly to find out this information. 

Do I need Post-Treatment Consultations?

Consulting with a medical professional post-treatment is an essential part of the treatment for many procedures and is generally scheduled at the time of your initial treatment.  Post-treatment consultations are important as they allow you to discuss your cosmetic injectables treatment with your medical professional who can provide advice.  It also allows your medical professional to ensure your desired results you are looking for are achieved.

Ask ONLY Trained Medical Professionals About Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

Cosmetic injecting requires a high level of skill and education. CST medical professionals complete training specifically in facial aesthetics and new product training, among others. They are all AHPRA registered health professionals with no restrictions on their practice.

As a commitment to provide the most patient-focused, compliant and transparent operation in the cosmetic injecting industry, we invest in gold-standard training for our medical professionals.

Expect our medical professionals to talk to you about your treatment goals and to recommend tailored treatment plans. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have about having your cosmetic injectable treatments.   

Please find out more about our treatments that can help address your skin concerns HERE.

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