A Facelift Without Surgery: A Great Way To Start The Year

facelift without surgery

There’s no better way to start the year than having a refreshed, youthful glow to your skin that makes you feel confident to conquer the world. To achieve it, you don’t have to go under the knife. A facelift without surgery is now possible. 

Tips To Have A Facelift Without Surgery

Do Simple Facial Toning Exercises or Face Yoga

Facial exercises are making repetitive movements and exaggerated expressions. As a result, they strengthen and build muscles in your face, increase blood circulation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and tighten facial skin.

In 2018, Northwestern University conducted a 20-week study with sixteen women participants aged 40 and 65. After doing eight weeks of 30-minute daily facial exercises, they deemed themselves to look up to three years younger, and impartial dermatologists saw a slight increase in cheek fullness.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing healthier options should not be temporary; it should be a way of living. As many say, it all starts from within. For instance, be mindful of your diet and load up on more nutritious foods and drinks. Doing regular exercise can stimulate the blood flow to your skin and can fight toxin build-up, revealing clearer, more supple skin. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Facelift Without Surgery Treatments.

Decades of research and the advancement in technology have given the medical aesthetics industry so much more to offer to their patients. Medical professionals are now able to provide treatments to address different skin concerns. A facelift without surgery is now possible and even highly recommended for patients wanting to achieve skin toning and firming.

Facelift Treatments Available At CST

Threads Treatment

The procedure involves inserting a medical-grade thread material underneath the surface of your skin to trigger the healing response and stimulate collagen production. The medical professional will then ‘pull’ your skin up by tightening the thread. 

While you may see a lifting effect immediately after the Threads Treatment, the longer-term skin rejuvenation and tightening effects will depend on your age and your body’s health response to stimulate the production of collagen.

Double Chin Treatment

One of the top facial concerns of both men and women is the double chin. For a more prominent jaw definition, a medical professional will put a synthetic version of a substance that the body produces to absorb fats. When injected to the chin, it destroys fat cells, making it unable to produce fats again. After the Double Chin Treatment, the majority of patients see improvement after two to four treatments, spaced within a minimum of four weeks apart.

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A Facelift Without Surgery Can Boost Your Confidence

Reveal the best version of yourself this 2021 — beautiful, confident and comfortable with your own skin. Remember that doing something to look and feel amazing is not about vanity; it’s self-care and making yourself a priority. By taking time to focus on you, you can do things better. 

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