Best Treatment For Severe Acne

Treatment For Severe Acne

Severe acne is more than just a few minor blemishes or a zit or two that popped up and will clear in a few days. It’s when acne covers a large part of the skin and may cause painful lesions and deep scars. For many who are suffering from it, the condition can be upsetting and cause low self-esteem; it can even be debilitating. Finding treatment for severe acne may feel like an uphill battle, but with the right treatment tailored to your skin, you can avoid severe acne breakouts.

Treatment For Severe Acne: Ways To Help Clear Your Skin

Find Out the Cause

To determine the right solution to address severe acne, you must first know what’s causing it. Pimples appear when the pores become blocked with dirt, dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. Other factors that also contribute to breakouts include hormonal changes, reaction to certain medications, diet and genetics. If you don’t know for sure, what’s causing it, consult a medical professional who can make a proper diagnosis.

Wash Your Face But Don’t Over Do It

As the most common cause of acne is dirt build-up, it’s best to wash your face two times a day, especially before sleeping. However, acne-prone skin is sensitive, and over washing may worsen the condition.

Use mild, non-pore clogging or blocking cleansers that work well with your skin. Avoid harsh products that are considered common irritants such as alcohol, fragrance, abrasive scrubs and astringents.

Touching, Picking and Popping Are Big No-Nos!

Resist being hands-on (literally). It’s very tempting to pop those pimples, thinking it’s the fastest way to unclog pores, but with all the bacteria the hands carry, touching the face can worsen acne.

Avoid scratching the area or wiping it with dirty and abrasive materials. If it’s absolutely necessary to touch your face, make sure your hands are clean.

Try Over-The-Counter and Prescribed Medications

Medications come in a variety of forms — creams, gels, lotions, soaps and wipes. The most common ingredients that help with acne are Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, Sulfur, Alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid and lactic acid).

Always follow the directions indicated in the package insert. Give the treatment time to work, preferably between four and six weeks. Some can even take at least two months to see the clearing effects. However, if you experience adverse effects, stop using the medication immediately and consult a medical professional.

Advanced Treatment For Severe Acne

Sometimes, even after religiously following a skincare routine and using acne medications, the severe acne condition needs advanced solutions.

Cosmetic Skin Therapies offers a variety of treatments that target acne. These procedures generally stimulate new cell growth and the production of collagen that can help prevent and hasten the healing of acne and minimise the appearance of pimple scars.

The main benefit of opting for these procedures is that trained medical professionals can tailor fit the treatments based on the severity of the condition, your skin type and your overall needs. They will be able to conduct an in-depth skin check and create a treatment plan for you to get the most optimal results.

Cosmetic Skin Therapies’ cosmetic injectables treatments that are excellent for severe breakouts and acne scars are K Laser, Medical Grade Peels, Platelet Rich Plasma and Skin Needling

Treatment for Severe Acne: Knowing Your Skin Is The First Step

Whilst these tips can generally help treat severe acne, it is essential to pay attention to your skin’s reaction to changes within your body and the environment. Knowing what causes or triggers breakouts can help determine the right course of action or solution to take.

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