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Enhance Cosmetic Injectables


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Meet Rachael McBain

Enhance Cosmetic InjectablesRachael Mcbain

I completed my Bachelor of Nursing in 2001 and went on to work in remote and regional hospitals in Northern Australia. After 10 years of general hospital and middle management nursing I began working with a plastic surgeon and commenced my cosmetic injectables career.

During this time it became glaringly apparent to me that this field of medicine is not purely about vanity. I’ve been a part of the journey of so many patients undergoing surgeries and injectables for so many different personal reasons and/or reasons that they had no control over. We cry and laugh together and it is not uncommon to get a few hugs of gratitude. That is what makes my job so amazing and why I love what I do.

My friends can’t believe I’m in this industry as I’m really just a down to earth country girl who struggles to put her own makeup on properly.

Why did you join Cosmetic Skin Therapies?

After a lot of research I became a CST franchisee purely because their medical and ethical approach is exceptional. Their system and support allows me to offer the best possible treatments and products safely and effectively so that I can focus on the most important people – my patients!

What are you passionate about?

I love that I can help women and men feel so much better about themselves when they like what they see in the mirror. I find it very empowering and often life changing. I will always take the time to get to know my patients. I am passionate about working closely with each and every patient to develop personalised treatments for the results that they are trying to achieve. Above all else, patient safety and comfort is always a priority.

Before & After

Anti-wrinkle TreatmentsCrows FeetIMPROVED
Enhance Ci Anti Wrinkle Crows Feet BEnhance Ci Anti Wrinkle Crows Feet A

Before & After

Anti-wrinkle TreatmentsForehead IMPROVED
Enhance Ci Antiwrinklefrownforehead BEnhance Ci Antiwrinklefrownforehead A

Before & After

Dermal Filler TreatmentsCheeksIMPROVED
Enhance Ci Cheeks Dermal Filler BEnhance Ci Cheeks Dermal Filler A

Before & After

Dermal Filler TreatmentsLipIMPROVED
Enhance Ci Lip Filler BEnhance Ci Lip Filler A
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