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Samantha Annat
Samantha Annat
Location-icon 1/28 Ridge St, Northgate, QLD 4013

I have completed my Bachelor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Since then I have been working in the clinical industry for 3+ years. Currently I am working as an Intensive Care (ICU) Registered Nurse, and completing my Intensive Care Transition Program. Initially, I completed a medical/neuroscience and cardiology Graduate Nurse Program, then continued to professionally develop in the Medical/Neuroscience field. While working full time in the hospital, I wanted to expand my professional development into aesthetic nursing. I then went on to complete my graduate diploma is Cosmetic Dermal Science and Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS). This program was a starting point into my aesthetic medicine journey. Symmetry, anti-aging medicine, skin rejuvenation, facial augmentation and natural beautification are some of my professional foundations that I aspire to encourage through all of my new and existing clients.

Why did you join Cosmetic Skin Therapies?

I joined the CST team as I feel they share my passion for the cosmetic industry and the evolution of new evidence based practices that can benefit our clients. The company is a boutique style clinic, not a large-scale chain, where the nurses are well looked after. I feel this style of business works best for the clients as they receive a more personalised holistic approach to treatments where well trained/educated nurses who can offer excellent results are employed.

What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about healthy lifestyle and ride or die for my friends and family. Understanding about how lifestyle, extrinsic and intrinsic factors impact the ageing process is critical. Ageing is a natural process, with proper education and treatment plans, I can assist to slow it down. I believe exercise, food, and maintaining a happy body and soul, are part of a holistic approach that should be covered more in medicine.

Tell us something unique or interesting about yourself.

I have had 12 birds in my life, as a young girl there was no greater thill then dressing up my birds in barbie clothes #lifemade

Fast Facts
  • I love horror films, I have been proudly viewing them since I was two
  • As a nursing student for my first sponge bath, I was so nervous I tired to do it with my eyes closed. This did not go well.
  • My favourite holiday destination is Dubai; bikini, kaftan and shisha please!
  • I have had to learn to walk twice since primary school due to life changing spinal surgery
  • I had a short-lived swimming career in primary school but due to my tendency to cheat and frequent bathroom breaks, especially during spring training, it turned out these sneaky skills were far more appreciated in water polo where I played competitively for 5 years.
  • My ultimate career life goal was to be an actress with dreams of going to NIDA. I eventually did a summer programme with them but it turned out only being a drama queen in life, not on the stage, was my true calling.
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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Dermal Filler Treatment
Double Chin Treatment
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Services We Offer
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Anti-wrinkle treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead, eyes and eyebrows. The non-surgical procedure relaxes the muscles in your face smoothing out lines within three to five days.
Dermal Filler Treatment
Dermal fillers are injectable gels that help to create more defined contours, greater volume and smoother skin, resulting in a fresh and re-energised appearance.
Double Chin Treatment
This new non-surgical procedure addresses one of the top facial concerns for both men and women – the double chin. With a strong jawline often associated with health, youthfulness, and confidence, the double chin removal treatment offers patients a non-invasive way to regain self-confidence and ditch the scarves and turtlenecks that many people feel they […]