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Wichan Khonthothong
Wichan Khonthothong
Location-icon 10d Oasis Drive, Secret Harbour, WA 6173
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I am a registered nurse and have 9 years’ experience in the acute medical field. Passionate about beauty, health and well-being, it was a natural progression for me to move into cosmetic aesthetics from nursing.  Cosmetic medicine is ever changing and increasing in popularity, so it is a great time to be working within this exciting field.

As well as a Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing, I also have a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing which obtained from AACDS (Australasian Academy and Dermal Science) which is recognised around the world. This qualification in cosmetic nursing has given me skills of dermal therapies, assisting the cosmetic surgeon in the theatre as well as cosmetic injectables.

Why did you join Cosmetic Skin Therapies?

I wanted to join Cosmetic Skin Therapies because it is a highly supportive company with a strong emphasis on ensuring patient well-being and satisfaction. I am part of a team which is highly knowledgeable and have a great deal of expertise in cosmetic injections.

Fast Facts
  • Favourite holiday destination: Spain, Scandinavia and Hawaii
  • A phobia or fear: Height and spiders.
  • Favourite food: Som Tum (Thai papaya salad), Italian and Spanish food.
  • Special moment in our life: My wedding that was so simple but so special
Renew IPL & Skin Clinic
Address: 10d Oasis Drive, Secret Harbour, WA, 6173, Australia
Phone: 0433 XXX XXX Show Number
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Treatments Offered
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Dermal Filler Treatment
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Services We Offer
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Anti-wrinkle treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead, eyes and eyebrows. The non-surgical procedure relaxes the muscles in your face smoothing out lines within three to five days.
Dermal Filler Treatment
Dermal fillers are injectable gels that help to create more defined contours, greater volume and smoother skin, resulting in a fresh and re-energised appearance.