Start Your Own Cosmetic Injectables Business

Cosmetic injectables business

Cosmetic Skin Therapies(CST) continues its commitment to bring to the facial aesthetics industry clinics with the highest level of focus on patient care and compliance. With this in mind, we created a new flexible and transparent franchise business model that provides business professionals and medical professionals a greater opportunity to start their own cosmetic injectables business.

The CST team is exhibiting at the Brisbane Franchising Expo held on 8- 9 October 2021 [newly released dates]. We believe it’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce our company values, ethics and our business model that made us a leading and respected brand in a growing aesthetics industry.

Why Consider Opening A Cosmetic Injectables Business

The demand for cosmetic procedures is increasing so rapidly; it’s already a billion-dollar growth industry, with Australians spending more on cosmetic treatments per capita than Americans. More people also prefer non-invasive cosmetic injectables over surgical procedures as they are quicker, more affordable and pose a lesser risk. 

Our CST franchise provides you with the most affordable entry point into the cosmetic/aesthetics industry and the business opportunity to provide these types of in-demand treatments for patients looking to find solutions for their skin and body concerns. Expect no less than full transparency (no hidden costs) from our company. We provide you with all pertinent information, allowing you to make a sound decision when buying our franchise.

When you decide CST is the right business for you, we do everything we can to help make your business a success. We even use our supplier purchasing power to pass on more savings (rebates) to you, giving your business the greatest earning potential possible.

Furthermore, our team has created a state-of-the-art, all-in-one-technology-platform treatment management system. You will have access to industry-leading technology, streamlined and compliant processes. We will also provide you with extensive, ongoing support and training (both clinical and business support) — all of which will help you run your business more efficiently and make your CST franchise a success.

Start Your Cosmetic Injectables Business: Join Us At The Brisbane Franchising Expo

Whether you’re seeking ways to start a new business, change your career, or perhaps generate extra income, opening a CST franchise is worth considering. 

If you’re in the Brisbane area on 8- 9 October 2021, we invite you to come to the Brisbane Franchising Expo. We will be there as one of the many exhibitors giving you profitable business ideas and advice. You will also be able to speak directly to one of our team members (including CST’s CEO, Carol Morgan), who can discuss all details relating to our business model and the benefits of opening a cosmetic injectables business. 

Having a CST franchise is a beautiful business opportunity, and we’d like you to be part of it. Now is the time to start your own business. Please come and join us on 8- 9 October 2021 at the Brisbane Franchising Expo.

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