Avoid Botched Cosmetic Injectables Treatments: The Most Important Thing You Need To Do

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“How can I avoid botched cosmetic injectables treatments?” — this is a question, understandably so, that many of our patients ask during consultations. 

Continuous research and advancements in technology within the aesthetics and cosmetic injectables industry have given people more confidence to seek treatments for their skin concerns. In fact, Australians spend over $1 billion every year on cosmetic procedures alone; it has become a financially viable option for many. 

However, not everyone can start offering and performing these treatments. They are, first and foremost, medical procedures. Thus, the one thing that you need to do to avoid botched injectable treatments is to have only trained medical professionals, or healthcare providers administer the procedure.

How To Avoid Botched Cosmetic Injectables Treatments: The Importance Of A Cosmetics Trained Medical Professional

There are many factors to consider when performing cosmetic injectables treatments. The face alone, where most people have aesthetics work done, is a complex structure. Anatomically, it consists of skin, nerves, arteries, veins and bones. Without proper medical education, the risks inherent in every procedure becomes significantly higher. Other factors, such as age, sex, and medical history, should also be considered. 

Only medical professionals trained in facial aesthetics know how to conduct a thorough medical consultation and perform an examination. After assessing all existing factors and determining the patient’s goal for the procedure, the healthcare providers can formulate a tailored treatment plan to achieve the most optimal and aesthetically pleasing result.

Choose The Right Medical Professional To Avoid Botched Cosmetic Injectables Treatments

Before having any work done on your skin, it is essential to do your own research. To avoid botched injectable treatments, it is important that you are comfortable with your injector. 


  • Visit their website to find out more about their practice. Consider their online ratings and reviews.
  • Ask for recommendations from trusted family and friends.
  • Book a consultation and discuss their clinical experience and aesthetics approach.
  • Make sure they can answer all your questions.

At Cosmetic Skin Therapies, all our injectors are trained, medical professionals. They are committed to upholding the highest standards in the medical cosmetics industry as set by the Australian Medical Board and monitored by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

During consultations, they educate patients on the procedures, what it involves and what should be expected. They answer all questions to ensure patients are not only comfortable but also empowered with any decision.

Partnering with reputable training organisations, Cosmetic Skin Therapies provides our injectors with continued educational support — attending practical seminars and attending and presenting at national and international conferences.

Most of all, our medical professionals ALWAYS have the patient’s well-being as their highest priority. If you are interested in having any of our injectable treatments, please find a clinic near you and book for a consultation. We’re happy to help.

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