Tips To Manage Dry Skin In Winter

Dry Skin In Winter

Many people experience dry skin in winter. During the cold weather, the skin can become more susceptible to cracking, wrinkling and even flaking off. As a result, it usually feels itchy, uncomfortable and the skin looks pale and lifeless. 

The good news is there are a few things you can do that will help keep your skin looking and feeling supple even during the cold winter months and all year long.  

Why Does Skin Dry Out Especially During Winter?

When it comes to dry skin in winter, the answer is quite simple — colder temperatures combined with less moisture. This is because the air is much drier during this time of year.

The cold weather means less humidity outside, causing skin moisture to evaporate much faster. When you’re indoors, usually turning up the thermostat or a heater are ways to warm up. However, artificial heat from devices also causes moisture evaporation. So whether outdoors or indoors, skin still tends to become dry.

3 Tips To Manage Dry Skin In Winter

Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Cosmetic Skin Therapies offers a wide range of treatments that help restore the skin’s hydro balance with longer-lasting effects than the usual home remedies. Some examples of facial aesthetics treatments for dry skin are:

Skin Needling: The procedure uses a series of microneedles injected into the top layers of skin. The punctures stimulate the fast production of collagen for skin renewal, improving overall texture.

Dermal Filler – Dermal fillers injected into the skin attract moisture to the affected areas. This is a subtle and non-invasive treatment that fills out lines and restores firmness to your skin.

IV/IMI Therapies  – Highly concentrated combinations of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are inserted as a drip into the bloodstream. For dry skin, the Anti-Aging PUSH / INFUSION can work wonders. Its benefits include skin hydration, collagen formation and skin brightening.

To achieve the most optimal results, it is best to speak with our medical professionals, who will conduct a thorough skin check. Then, they will recommend a tailored treatment plan to prevent and combat dry skin.

Home Remedies To Soothe Dry Skin In Winter

With the cooler, more dry air this time of year, your usual skincare routine may need some slight changes. Here are some tips:

  • Hydrate. Drink lots of water.
  • Use cold or warm water rather than hot when showering.
  • Slather on moisturisers immediately after washing.
  • Choose gentle, fragrance-free skin care products.
  • Stay warm indoors without using artificial heat (e.g. dress in layers, enjoy a hot beverage or soup, close your windows)
  • Add foods high in omega-3 to your diet. They have anti-inflammatory properties for healthy skin cells.

Dry Skin In Winter Is Manageable With Proper Care

The cold winter season is here, and many will be experiencing dry skin. If you’re one of them, know that it is a common problem that can be treated with the right cosmetic injectables or facial aesthetics procedures. There are also home skin care tips that you can follow. Ultimately, dry skin in winter is manageable, and soon enough, you can again enjoy hydrated, smooth and supple skin.

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